What you should know before making a marketing plan for your business

Many entrepreneurs work hard on their business plans, but only a few consider the need for a marketing plan. Most people just have a list of the marketing projects they want to do. However, many business owners and entrepreneurs don’t have the marketing schedule to achieve these projects in the best order of prioritization.

A good marketing plan goes beyond determining your marketing budget or strategies. It is about keeping your customers over the years. The plan provides a clear vision of your marketing goals, how to accomplish them, and the costs.

Creating a marketing plan is more straightforward than many entrepreneurs think. We have highlighted five tips to help you develop and implement your marketing plans effectively.

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5 tips to consider before making your marketing plan

The process of making a fantastic marketing plan for your business does not mean spending a lot of money. It only takes time, consistency, creativity, and a good marketing plan template. With these tips, you can enjoy making your marketing plan and effectively implement the plan.

1. Embrace the creation process

The time you spend creating your marketing plan is as important as the plan itself. All the leaders in your business should participate in the creation process. Participation will help instill a sense of ownership of the plan, which will become useful at the implementation stage. You might need to have two to three group planning sessions before you get a working plan, but it would be worth it. Carrying the leaders alone during the creation process also saves time explaining it to them later.

2. Keep the Plan Concise

While it is essential to take your time creating your marketing plan, you don’t want to make it inaccessible to others with unnecessary details. You want to communicate in the most concise and relevant manner possible. Long narratives won’t achieve this goal. Use bullet points and brief sentences instead. You can also add a tactical dashboard.

3. Update Your Marketing Plan as Often as Necessary

Your marketing plan is never a static document. It is a living document that can change as business factors change in the world. You want to organize regular meetings to review your marketing plan. As new opportunities, situations, and information arise, there might be elements you need to change in your plan. With a well-made marketing plan, it would be easier to shift your gears as required throughout the year. You should also ensure that you review and adjust your plan completely every year.

4. Reference the plan regularly

A marketing plan is not one of those fancy documents that you create and keep on a shelf. You need to reference your marketing plan as often as possible. Consistent review will help you know what is working and what is not. You can also check if you have stayed within the plan. Setting a time from these reviews can help you keep to it. Depending on your business and marketing needs, you can do a review meeting monthly or quarterly. As an entrepreneur, having your marketing plan visible in your workspace can also be good. It will help keep you accountable.

5. Share the plan with your employees

As an entrepreneur, you are tempted to forget that you cannot do it alone. If your marketing plan will be a success, you have to overcome this temptation. It is essential to share your marketing plan with your employees, especially the key aspects that all employees should know. You might only want to share your budget with some employees. However, understanding your target audience, goals, competitors, brand position, and SWOT will enable your employees to flow effortlessly with the business’ mission.


The power of a good marketing plan goes beyond improving your marketing efforts. It can foster better teamwork, communication, and engagement. With the tips above, you can involve everyone in the plan creation process and deliverables as you move your company forward with the right marketing strategies.

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